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    Amo Dad

    The feeling when your son (your own flesh and blood) wakes up from a nap, looks up at you and says “Amo Dad” (I love you Dad).

    Just the best.

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    — 17 hours ago

    Usually when we go on holidays Luke finishes up work after lunch and we explore together & then he finishes the work day at night when we’re home and Lior is in bed. But because on this holiday luke is working with Japh & they have an office space for the time we’re down here Luke has had to work normal hours. You can imagine he’s been looking forward to the weekend so that he can get out & do some things! We have saved a few bigger activities for the weekend. The ones Luke wants to do the most, so we aim to fit as much as possible into today – Saturday.

    First thing on the list is the Salamanca markets. It’s one of those iconic Hobart things, and considering our airbnb place is basically one block back (up the hill) from Salamanca place we definitely want to go there.

    At the markets Luke had a wallaby burrito, which was pretty yummy. I saw a few things I would like to get but I probably don’t need them and we don’t have room in our luggage!

    Once we finished at the markets we walked home, got in the car & drove up Mount Wellington.

    We had seen some snowfall on Mount Wellington on Friday morning, and thankfully there was still plenty of it up there when we arrived at 10:30am the next day. Lior & Eli had never been in the snow before so it was a great new experience for them! Lior doesn’t seem to feel the cold at all, but Eli grizzled a fair bit because of it. He needs little mittens! He would stop grumbling when I warmed up his hands in my glove & put them in my jacket.

    We had a bit of a slippery situation where there was ice & Eli and I tumbled over. Ouch! Not my finest parenting hour – dropping my baby on the ice. :-/ nothing some cuddles couldn’t fix though thankfully.

    The view from the top was SPECTACULAR! Just a beautiful way to see Hobart. Thankfully the clouds from earlier in the morning had lifted and we had a really nice view. We were able to drive all the way to the very top, which apart from being terrifying, was actually also really great. There’s a temperature gauge at the top & it said zero degrees exactly while we were up there. The temperature wasn’t unbearable unless there was wind, then we really felt the cold!

    We headed back down and went home again. The plan was to grab the pram so we could walk around and go to a museum. Just off our street is a pub-ish place called Preachers. It looked pretty cool so we stopped & had falafel burgers – yum!

    After that we walked back down to Salamanca and on to TMAG – Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery. This was a really great museum and art gallery, and Lior really enjoyed it. The Antarctica exhibition was great, as was the art down in the basement. This was a great museum / art gallery to visit with kids!

    We grabbed a coffee while there was still sunlight & then headed home before going out later in the evening for dinner. We ended up going to Mulan’s, which was really great Chinese food. I did feel a bit defeated this meal and wondered why on earth we EVER bother going out to dinner with kids (perhaps a bit of an over exaggeration seeing as we’d been out most nights that week & hadn’t thought that on any of those nights!). But these nights happen every now & again and I think it’s important to take a deep breath and work how it can be better next time. The thing I learnt from that evening was that 1) we should have brought something with us for Lior to do (anything from ipad to book to toy car), and we should have considered when Eli’s last sleep was before making plans to go out (he went to sleep in my arms as we waited for dinner – tiredness being the reason for his grumpiness!!). Thankfully luke held Eli for the meal time & I could eat in reasonable peace. Well, as peaceful as dinner can be with a toddler who needs to try everything on your plate. :-P

    Hobart with Kids – Salamanca Markets, Mt Wellington & TMAG Usually when we go on holidays Luke finishes up work after lunch and we explore together & then he finishes the work day at night when we’re home and Lior is in bed.
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    The story of the sheep selfie is up on the blog. :) #zoodoo @zoodoo_zoo_tasmania #hobart #tasmania #carbistravels

    The story of the sheep selfie is up on the blog. :) #zoodoo @zoodoo_zoo_tasmania #hobart #tasmania #carbistravels

    — 2 days ago

    #hobart  #tasmania  #zoodoo  #carbistravels 
    Tiger tiger. @zoodoo_zoo_tasmania #latergram #carbistravels #hobart #tasmania #tiger

    Tiger tiger. @zoodoo_zoo_tasmania #latergram #carbistravels #hobart #tasmania #tiger

    — 2 days ago

    #hobart  #tiger  #tasmania  #carbistravels  #latergram 

    Hobart is turning out to be such a fun place to be. When I was planning this trip I wasn’t sure what the boys and I would do each day, but the more we do the more I find there is to do, and the longer I wish we were staying!

    On Friday we went into the city to do some errands and then we met up with Lauren and her lovely owlets for some delightful banana bread with caramel sauce and  dutch hot chocolate (yum! Will be making this at home!!). Lior loved having kids to play with (he always does, and has been asking for his friends while we’ve been away!), and it was nice to meet these people from my computer in real life. ;-)

    After some delicious laksa for lunch & sleeping little boys, we headed out to ZooDoo. I’d been warned a few times that this might be a bit of a… weird zoo, but it turned out to be one of the most fantastic zoos we’ve been too! I loved that hardly any animals were in cages. There were lots of paddocks and everything was well spread out.

    There was heaps of interactivity at ZooDoo and it was fun to touch so many animals. We even got some selfies with a sheep who then followed us around the paddock the entire rest of the time we were in there! Lior was actually getting a little scared that this sheep wouldn’t stop following us, so we went in to the wallabies.

    His favourites were the monkeys, which is funny as I would have sworn his favourite animal is a tiger or lion. He has lots of tiger and lion things because this is really what I thought! Perhaps he just likes pretending to BE a lion or tiger best, but he likes to look at monkeys more… who knows.

    Anyway, they do have a tiger and some lions at Zoodoo, and man, I thought they were fantastic!! I was totally in awe of the lion which was so huge and amazing. And the tiger was scary and huge and perfect.

    We spent about 2 hours at the zoo and could easily have spent more. We didn’t get to go on the bus tour thing, as we were never there at the right time, and there were other animals up the back we didn’t get to. Lior really wanted to stay longer, but the days are short here in Tassie in July, so as it neared 4pm we had to go before the sun set on us.

    On the way back to Hobart we had go through Richmond so we quickly stopped to check out the oldest bridge in Australia! Apparently it’s also the second most photographed bridge in Australia (I’m going to assume Sydney Harbour Bridge is first?!). I got some lovely photos of Eli smiling at Lior, and one of my favourite photos of Lior hugging Eli & I. LOVE!

    Lior totally surprised me by picking up the camera and actually being able to point it AT SOMETHING instead of the ground like he normally does. And then he surprised me again because he could actually press the trigger as well! So I ended up with a few photos of me breastfeeding Eli. Lots of blurry and out of focus ones of course, but Lior totally understood when I explained to him that he needed to find something he wanted to take a photo of, aim, and then press the trigger. I mean, I’ve been teaching him this for MONTHS, but this was the first day he got it, so yay! 

    For dinner this night I cooked up some sausages at home with a pre bought salad from Woolies. This is a definite advantage of staying in an airbnb place (or any place with a kitchen) – you can save a bucket load of money while travelling just by cooking one or two meals a day (or even just a week!) at ‘home’. Sausages for dinner cost us about $10 for all the ingredients, and we’ll be having the leftovers another night as well, so that’s a lot cheaper than $30+ for dinner out somewhere which is what it costs us nowadays, even for takeaway. I’ll share some good cooking while you travel tips soon. :)

    Hobart with Kids – ZooDoo Hobart is turning out to be such a fun place to be. When I was planning this trip I wasn’t sure what the boys and I would do each day, but the more we do the more I find there is to do, and the longer I wish we were staying!
    — 3 days ago

    #hobart zoo  #zoo  #zoodoo hobart 

    As I mentioned in the last blog post, I took some fun photos of the boys in the beautiful autumn leaves in St David Park here in Hobart. I had been meaning to take photos like this of the boys back at home, but there is only one spot I know of with trees that change colour like this, and I missed the window to take the photos, so I was thankful for a second chance! Anyway, how cute are these brothers?! I love them so much. :)

    Hobart Photos – Brothers Playing In The Leaves As I mentioned in the last blog post, I took some fun photos of the boys in the beautiful autumn leaves in St David Park here in Hobart.
    — 3 days ago

    Our first experiences of Hobart as a family are great. It’s not as cold as we expected & it’s super beautiful. The boys are doing so well with travelling, and we are taking things slowly but also making sure we use our time well. We want to relax, but not do all the same things we’d be doing at home, you know?

    Anyway, after getting in on our flight and catching a shuttle bus to our airbnb place it was lunch time. We headed out for a walk and picked up some chips down by the warf, and explored through town as we went to meet up with Luke’s work colleague – Japh. We grabbed a coffee with him, and then we split up – Luke & Japh to work, and Lior Eli & I to explore. I haven’t been to Hobart in years, and when I was here it was a work trip, so I didn’t do much exploring. It was really nice to just walk through the mall and arcades and get a bit of a feel for Hobart. We stopped at a supermarket to get some supplies – nappies, fruit, drinks, snacks etc.

    After exploring the boys & I headed back to our house and got ourselves a bit organised there while Luke finished work. We had some Indian take-away for dinner & called it a night! 

    The next day we woke up at like 7:30 (I mean, we had been up like a MILLION times in the night with Eli, but this is when we actually looked at the time and got out of bed), which was a bit of a surprise. It was still pretty dark outside, but we got dressed & headed to a bakery just down the road from us – Jackman and McRoss. We had breakfast there which was really, really great, and then Luke quickly headed to work as he was already late! The boys and I headed home and got our things ready for the day. It was a bit rainy, and we were off to pick up a hire car.

    Seeing as we now had a car I decided to take the boys on a little drive. We headed South West along the coast line, and when I saw a big old tower on the side of the road we stopped to see what was inside. Well it was this old shot tower, and it was a really fun little thing to see! There are HEAPS of steps, which Lior had to walk up himself as I had Eli asleep in the ergo. I am terribly afraid of heights I realise, and so walking up the creaky steps was at times a bit terrifying, but I was brave so that Lior wouldn’t be scared. It was so funny when we got to the top though because Lior would NOT go out on the ledge without holding my hand! As soon as I was holding his hand though he would tear off around the ledge and then of course I was carrying on with “Lior, just slow down! Wait, don’t touch that! Don’t go near that edge! Stop!” etc. etc. Anyway, thankfully it didn’t rain while we were up there (though it had rained on the way up, and again once we were at the bottom), so we could investigate safely.

    After the shot tower we kept driving down to Kingston and the boys fell asleep in the car (if you need a reason to hire a car when travelling with kids – this is it! Haha!). We met Luke & Japh for lunch back in town and had sushi – yum!

    We went for another explore, this time going down some new streets and finding alternate routes home. Because we went a new way we found a new park & this one has great big trees with turning leaves, so we have a bit of a photo shoot there (photos to come), and play in the park for the late afternoon.

    Pushing both boys in the double pram up & down hills is making my legs sore, so we are totally justified in grabbing some jam doughnuts and a croissant from the bakery. :-P I eat my croissant with HOT tea (our airbnb host has stocked the fridge/pantry with a few essentially like milk, tea, coffee, oil for cooking, peanut butter etc.), and watch the rain drizzle down outside. So lovely. I actually wear Eli in the ergo for this nap because his sleep has been beyond shocking & I really feel he needs a proper sleep. This is all part of going with the flow with kids travelling – even though he doesn’t nap in the ergo at home (actually at home he has been putting himself to sleep for naps), it is the easiest way to get it done when away & in unfamiliar environments (though it took me a day or so to work it out – I’m getting quicker at changing my habits the more we travel with kids!).

    Once Luke gets home we head out to Da Angelos – a local pizzeria and we have awesome pizza. We are overly critical of pizza because we can make such good ones ourself, but this is a humongous family sized pizza that needs a stand and the base is great.

    So that’s our first few days in Hobart. :)

    Hello Hobart – Our Family Holiday Our first experiences of Hobart as a family are great. It’s not as cold as we expected & it’s super beautiful.
    — 4 days ago

    #hobart  #tasmania  #travel with kids 

    Hello! We are now in Hobart after a quick stop over last night in Melbourne. Seriously, I think we were in Melbourne for like 2 hours of sunlight and that’s it. :-P That didn’t stop us having a bit of fun though, and it was nice to visit one of our favourite cities.

    First things first though, the flight. I had a few things prepared, but really just expected Eli to fall asleep during take-off and Lior to play on the iPad the whole time. Well neither of those really happened. Ha! Neither of them were bad, and it was actually a pretty good flight, but it just didn’t go how I had anticipated. Flying with two kids is definitely more challenging than flying with just one, mostly because you don’t seem to get a break from kid duties at all. I remember the “good ol’ days” when Luke & I would swap kid duties for aeroplane sleep. Not any longer.

    Eli loved playing with the little girl in front of us who was quite a little monkey. He did so well for his first ever flight, and took it all in his stride. He was quite curious about it all and I sat on the window seat with him when we went in to land and he watched the entire thing – transfixed! He slept for the last hour of the flight, and was generally not a worry the entire time.

    This Sunshine Coast -> Melbourne flight was Lior’s first time in his own seat. He was a bit nervous when the big engines started, and held onto me quite tight, but other than that he just cruised along. He did play on the iPad a bit, but also looked out the window, talked with the other kids around, and played with us. 

    We caught the skybus from the airport to Southern Cross station, and then they provide shuttles out to your hotel. We got a mystery deal on Wot if for our accommodation and got the Mercure on Terry St. It was a fantastic position – just near to the Queen Victoria Markets and also near to Swanston St. We’ve never stayed up that end of town before, but it was really good. I would definitely stay in that position again.

    I met up with a friend, Laura, for coffee and a sinful salted caramel doughnut (delicious!) as the sun set, and then we set out to find some dinner. We were on our way down to an Italian restaurant a friend had recommended but we passed a whole heap of Vietnamese places along Swanston St and I decided we would go to one of them instead. I have Vietnam on the brain at the moment as it’s next on my list of places to go. We went to “Rice Paper” and got a great selection of food & drink to feed all four of us for $50. Eli chowed down on some salad bits and before I knew it he had dragged the plate of spring rolls over to himself (how does he reach so far all of a sudden?!?!) and was nomming them down. So I guess he officially eats meat now. :-/

    Lior is being all toddler-like at the moment and would only eat rice. What happened to me food loving baby? Blah. We keep offering him things, and hope for the best. I guess it’s all we can do. Luke & I had a starter each and then mains (well, we had part of the spring rolls, but Eli kinda ate the other part of them). Such yummy, yummy food! And delicious lychee sodas (I had lemon soda) to go with it. I’m dreaming about making my own lemon sodas when I get home (it was just lemon juice & soda water – same for the lychee soda, just lychees & a bit of juice with soda water).

    We went for a big walk after dinner and got back in time to put the boys to sleep late – around 9pm. Luke went out to meet a friend for drinks and I stayed with the boys. I was so tired, I tried sleeping so badly, but when Eli woke up for his first feed of the night at 1:30am I was still awake. :( I just don’t sleep so well in beds that aren’t my own! Sometimes I think I have passed on to my children. We slept all four of us in the same bed which was quite a different experience. It worked pretty well though

    Four In The Bed – Overnight in Melbourne Hello! We are now in Hobart after a quick stop over last night in Melbourne. Seriously, I think we were in Melbourne for like 2 hours of sunlight and that’s it.
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    Hey scientists, you may have turned black watermelon seeds white… but we have eyes and they’re definitely still there, so let’s not call them “seedless”.


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    Meatless Monday :: No knead Spinach & Feta Bread

    Meatless Monday :: No knead Spinach & Feta Bread

    no-knead bread recipe spinach and feta

    Yum, yum, yum! This bread is lovely for breakfast, lunch or tea! I love it! It is a variation of NY Times no knead bread recipe which I found over at Gourmet Girlfriend. This bread recipe by itself is an absolute winner. You seriously can not go wrong with this bread recipe, and this spinach & feta version just adds a little bit of extra yum!

    When I first read this recipe I felt a bit…

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    #bread recipe  #no knead bread  #No knead Spinach & Feta Bread  #spinach and feta